Planning a wedding abroad – your checklist

Checklist for overseas weddings

Getting married abroad? To help you out here's our wedding abroad checklist to consider as you prepare for your dream wedding overseas.

Don't get caught out on your wedding abroad: make sure you have all the correct documents

Legal documentation/requirements for overseas weddings

Foreign countries often have legal requirements and documents that you’ll need to meet or complete in order to get married. To ensure that you meet all the criteria it’s a good idea to do some research into the country’s requirements and contact their embassy to make sure you’ve hit all their criteria (e.g. some countries want you to have been a resident for a certain period of time before the wedding). Make sure you have a printed copy of all documents to take with you.

Passports for getting married abroad

First of all, don’t leave iyour passport behind on your bedside table! Secondly, it may seem like the obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people don’t realise their passport is close to expiring right before they need it. Avoid any mishaps by ensuring you’ve got plenty of time left on your passports, especially as some countries require you to have at least a couple of months left – so ensure you find out what the specific country requirements are.

Flights to your overseas wedding destination

Make sure that both you and your guests will be able to travel for a reasonable cost. It’s a good idea whilst checking flights to also find out baggage allowances and the cost to bring extra luggage (this can help you decide whether to pack, or purchase when you arrive at your destination). Some airlines advise you to pack your wedding clothing into a separate case labelled ‘wedding attire’ which may help it arrive in one piece.

Booking your overseas wedding

When it comes to booking your wedding you might want to consider using a tour operator who knows the destination well, speaks the native language or are able to help with any paperwork. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the package, and, as a safety measure get everything in writing. Have a contact number, address and email for the company and keep in touch regularly to track progress.

Invitations to your wedding abroad

As soon as you have booked your overseas wedding you need to start spreading the news. Guests will need as much time as possible to arrange time off work, save for and purchase their tickets and accommodation – the more time you can give before the wedding the better. Give your wedding guests as many details as you can and be prepared to answer lots of questions. Once you have final numbers make sure you contact the overseas venue to keep them updated.

Vaccines for overseas travel

Vaccines are a must-do. It is vital to be immunised at least a few months prior to flying out for your overseas wedding to ensure that you’re protected against any diseases that may be common in that country. So, once you know when and where you’re going, get in touch with your doctor and see if any vaccines are required.

Travel Insurance for your wedding abroad

As always when you travel to a different country you need to pick up some travel insurance, which will cover you for any illness and injuries (and any other add-ons that you choose). Your overseas wedding will be expensive enough, without the extra costs you’d have to pay if an unfortunate event did happen without insurance.

Wedding Insurance

Have a look into wedding insurance which covers you for any unexpected mishaps such as cancellations, theft or loss. Of course in an ideal world you’d have no problems, but it’s always better to be prepared and cover your back in the event of any unfortunate happenings.

Wedding attire for a wedding abroad

We don’t expect many brides will leave their wedding dress to the last minute, but just in case you’d thought about it… don’t. Start looking for your attire a good few months in advance to allow for any fittings, alterations and delivery. You won’t be able to drive and pick something up when you’ve only got an hour to get to the airport, so make sure everyone’s got the outfits ready to go.

Wedding hair and make-up

If you’re planning on getting your hair done when you get there, then make sure you book a salon with a good reputation and preferably are able to do a test-run before the day. Alternatively, you could always try to learn how to do it yourself (or recruit a member of your wedding party), that way there are no last minute hitches when you get there.

Extras for your marriage abroad

Will you be giving out gifts? Or arranging any surprises for your husband-to-be? Get some ideas together of what you’d like to give and either pack small and light or alternatively, arrange to give gifts when you return back home – saving luggage space for both you and your guests (how thoughtful of you).

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