Top 5 most exciting pre-wedding moments

The ultimate pre-wedding memories

It’s not all about the big day itself (although that is pretty exciting!). The months before your wedding day are just as special and important. Unlike the run-up to Christmas, the approach to your wedding day probably won’t be relived. Enjoy this time and fill it with things to get giddy about and to remember after your wedding day. Here are the top five most exciting moments before your big day.

Choosing your song

Wedding dress shopping

The first visit to a wedding dress shop has got to be one of the most exciting moments for any bride. Like a child being let loose in a sweet shop, brides get giddy at the thought of having a whole store of beautiful wedding gowns to choose from and try on. The endless options of fabrics, fits and styles, not to mention the veils, shoes and jewellery – a bride could easily get lost in it all. Thankfully, her trusty bridesmaids and mom are there to help, and they’re also the reason why this experience is so memorable and special. Fuelled with a glass of bubbly, getting more excited with each dress she tries on, the bride will surely count this as one of her top pre-wedding moments. Likewise, when it comes to the hair and make-up trial, a bride’s excitement levels may soar as feeling like a princess is what being a bride is all about.

Writing the wedding invitations

One of the main reasons a wedding is so special is because you share it with your closest and most-loved friends and family. The evening you spend with your fiancé writing out the names of loved ones on your wedding invitations is quite an exciting one as you start imagining your day coming together. Posting out all of your invitations and then the morning you receive your first RSVP can give you butterflies as it marks the start of it all. Your wedding has officially begun! The invitations closely follow the venue visits, which are up there with the most exciting pre-wedding experiences too. Wandering the grounds of a beautiful hotel or sampling the food in a country manor are butterfly-stirring occasions for any bride and groom.

Choosing the wedding rings

Your engagement ring may have been a surprise, but the wedding rings are generally chosen together as a couple. Visiting different jewellers or antique shops and trying on an assortment of wedding bands is time together that should be cherished. Your wedding rings symbolise so much and will last a lifetime, so choosing them is a pretty moving moment. Once you have made your selection, the thought that the next time you’ll wear them is when you’re exchanging vows is enough to enthuse even the calmest of couples. Make a day of it and go for lunch or a drink to celebrate choosing your wedding bands.

Booking the honeymoon

What could be better than flicking through travel brochures or visiting travel websites to search for your dream honeymoon escape? Do you want a hot tub in your Las Vegas hotel suite? Fancy a spot of snorkelling in Egypt? Or how about wine tasting in Tuscany? The endless options you can choose to make your honeymoon personalised are so exciting to ponder. Oh and by the way, it’s an unwritten rule for any to-be-wed couple to toast once they’ve booked their honeymoon. Cheers!

Choosing ‘your song’

Cosynights spent at home enjoying some downtime amidst the fuss of wedding planning are essential for the bride and groom to be. Those nights where you curl up on the sofa together, each with a cup of tea, watching a film and just enjoying being an engaged couple are priceless. But the excitement and fun comes when you start choosing ‘your song’. Sat cross-legged on the carpet as you play song after song to see which you’ll have your first dance to is exciting and so special. Past memories and emotions may be triggered by certain songs too, adding to the air of excitement and joy. Perhaps you’ll be reminded of the day you met or when you got engaged.

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