Top 7 marriage proposals

The ultimate ways to propose marriage

When the time comes to commit to the one you love, there are so many ways to go about popping the question. Asking someone to marry you is a major pledge, so you need to make your proposal meaningful, memorable and, most importantly, a moment to remember. Here are the top seven ways to propose marriage, and to hopefully ensure a resounding ‘yes!’ from your other half.

Romantic marriage proposals

The spontaneous marriage proposal

Some say spontaneity is the spice of life as it adds excitement and surprise to what could just be an average day. Often, over-planning something can leave it convoluted and gives it an unnatural feel –which is the last thing you want for a wedding proposal. Whether you’re on an amazing holiday, at a music concert or have just completed a marathon, adrenalin rushes and strong blasts of emotion can give you a wakeup call, telling you you’re ready to commit to the one you love. In this case, asking someone to marry you when you’re ‘in the moment’ can be very moving and memorable – so if you feel it, go for it!

The holiday marriage proposal

It may sound clichéd, but holiday proposals are popular as the focus is on you as a couple – spending time together away from home allows you to stay in your happy ‘couple bubble’. Plus, when traveling, you naturally feel more adventurous than when you’re at home, meaning you can find the most beautiful or idyllic spot to pop the question. Holiday proposals also offer the opportunity to return to the same destination for your honeymoon or anniversary in the future. Think along the lines of the warm waters of the Caribbean, the breath-taking views of New Zealand or the excitement of a city such as New York – who could say no?

The flashback marriage proposal

For those people who are sentimental, past events in a relationship can mean just as much to them as the present and future ones, so use this to plan the perfect proposal. How about taking your other half where you shared your first date or where you met? This will hopefully bring back happy memories and remind them of your journey together. Recreating special past moments or even wearing the scent you used to wear or playing certain songs will evoke feelings of sentiment, which will hopefully translate to a ‘yes’ come the proposal.

The experience marriage proposal

Floating up in a hot air balloon over The Outback or flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter is an amazing experience in itself, but throw in a wedding proposal and you have yourself a memory of a lifetime! Coordinating a marriage proposal with an exciting experience such as a bungee jump or swimming with dolphins will add to the thrill of the moment. You could even hire a skywriter to do the work for you while you enjoy a romantic picnic below, or pop the question while in a shark cage together! The possibilities are endless (but just keep safety at the forefront!).

The public marriage proposal

You’d have to be very brave to propose explicitly in a public place, and you’d need to be even more confident that your partner was up for the shock and wouldn’t die of shame. But marriage proposals made via a flash mob, for example, are becoming more and more popular. This public display of affection has overridden the ‘big screen’ proposals at sports games with kooky and rousing flash mob dance routines and performances. Romantic restaurant proposals can work, but if you’re going to ‘go public’, then go large – consider the intercom on a flight, broadcasting it over the radio or even, if you’re lucky, arranging with your cinema to play a clip of your proposing while you sit watching with your partner!

The creative marriage proposal

When it comes to a marriage proposal, creativity earns you brownie points as it shows you have dedicated your time and put lots of thought into your statement of love. The more thought you put into it and the more research you do shows your partner how much they mean to you. For a creative proposal, try making a short film about your relationship up until that point – perhaps include some of your personal jokes and memories. Similarly, you could make a photo album of all your favourite moments as a couple, with the last page saying ‘Let’s make some more memories, will you marry me?’. Other creative concepts include a treasure hunt to find the ring, making a trail of flower petals to a candlelit table or leaving a message in a bottle for her to find as you walk along a beach.

The movie marriage proposal

We all have different ideas on love and relationships, but for those who appreciate romance and are a fool for all things cute and fluffy, then the movie inspired proposal is for you. If you and your partner are movie fans then you could try and recreate a romantic onscreen proposal, such as Love Actually or Four Weddings and a Funeral. The key to the movie inspired proposal is passion, an emotive speech and a beautiful setting – not forgetting that Hollywood kiss to seal the deal. Settings such as the Eiffel Tower in the city of love or on a gondola in Venice make for the best romantic proposals, just don’t fluff your lines when you pop the question!

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