Wedding dress ideas for the older bride

What to wear on your wedding day as an older bride

As a more ‘mature’ bride (if we can be excused for using such a phrase), you may be having a bit of a dilemma about what to wear on your wedding day. After all, you want to look your best, but might be worried that wearing something too ‘bride-like’ will make you look silly. Having said that, we do think it’s vital to wear what you feel beautiful in and not to worry about what anyone else thinks. If you feel uncomfortable in a strapless wedding dress, don't wear one. If you feel frumpy in a wedding suit, then veto that idea. If you feel you’re best in a bright red evening gown, go for it! You've reached the age where you'll know what suits your body shape and colouring, embrace that and feel gorgeous.

Mature bride and groom on their wedding day

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride: Can you wear white?

The question many older brides seem to ask themselves is whether they're 'allowed' to wear white on their wedding day. The simple answer is of course you can. The idea of brides wearing white has taken on new significance and is no longer synonymous with virginity, but rather about celebration and joy –not to mention new beginnings. So if you want to look as fresh as a daisy then opt for white and don’t look back!

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride: Disguising problem areas

If you do not feel as confident about your body image as you used to, you may be concerned about covering up areas you're not so happy with. However, you don't want to look like you've been swallowed by your dress and cover up your best features either. Dress features such as illusion sleeves and necklines are your new best friend, which is where these areas are covered with fabric such as lace. Sheer fabrics like lace, tulle or organza have the wonderful ability to hint at flesh while covering it up – even more sexy than not covering up at all, perhaps.

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride: Think outside the box

There will be few expectations about what you will wear on your wedding day so the world really is your oyster. You aren't just restricted to bridal wear, so you should also look at other formal wear options, from evening gowns through to mother of the bride outfits. Recently, designers have clocked onto the fact that mothers of brides still want to look elegant rather than ‘mumsy’, so there are some beautifully stylish and flattering options out there. Result? Some really gorgeous outfits a 20-something would be proud to be seen in, yet designed to be flattering to a more mature figure.

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride: There’s plenty out there

Designers stay ahead of the game and cater to markets they didn't used to, so you'll find there are wedding dresses specifically designed with you and your wedding day in mind. Keep an open mind when you're looking and pick the brains of your local bridal shop consultant or dressmaker. Don’t feel restricted to certain retailers or designers because you’re used to shopping there – broaden your horizons and consider your wedding day as a one-off, meaning you can break the rules and think outside the box to your normal fashion routine.

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride:  Supportive underwear

Don't forget – your best ally to looking great and feeling confident is seriously great, supportive underwear, so invest in the best you can afford. Whether you opt for underwear to hold in your stomach, form up your bottom, or enhance your breasts, ensure you try on a full array of what’s available so you get a real idea of what secretly supportive underwear can do for your figure.

Wedding dress ideas for the older bride: Put your own stamp on it

It can be so easy to try to fit moulds when it comes to wedding dress shopping, but what you need to remember as an older bride is to put your own stamp on your overall wedding look. Don’t automatically opt for the shoes and accessories that your chosen dress is displayed with. If they don’t say ‘you’, then be a bit more creative and consider other options. Your younger years were for experimenting with styles, but now you will have found the real you – exploit this and really make your wedding outfit your own. Steer away from the ‘catalogue’ bridal look, and if that means wearing your signature emerald green shoes, or characteristic chunky jewellery, then so be it.  

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