Wedding themes and wedding colour schemes

Getting your wedding style, theme and colours right

Wedding style, theme and colour schemes are all central to your big day. Ensure you get it right by checking out our theme and colour scheme wedding tips. 

Choose a wedding colour scheme that reflects your personality

Knowing what wedding theme you want pretty much from the word go, or in this case the word yes, ensures that you have a wedding that is in every aspect coordinated and seamless. Choosing a theme and colour can be dependant on the season of your big day, the venue or just whatever your favourite colour is. Ensure that the theme fits your personalities, making it even more personal to the two of you.


Pick a colour, any colour

While a colour choice to match your season and wedding venue is important, don’t let this define your entire wedding theme and colour, but do take some small things into consideration. Find a colour that will suit the key people involved in the wedding – not every colour suits every complexion, so taking this into account can save some tears. If you have already picked your wedding venue, consider what colours are there already. You don't want a major clash issue, unless your theme is ‘60s psychedelic. If you are a laid back couple then choosing a formal white wedding would be totally out of character meaning you could both be very uncomfortable. Your wedding is an expression of the two of you and the lives you share, so make sure this shows through in your choice of wedding theme.

First impressions last

It is such an advantage to have pinned down your venue, theme and colour scheme before you send out your wedding invitations. Often the invitation is your guests’ first impression of your wedding so this should hopefully represent the theme of the day. Winter wedding? Send out invitations in a snowflake shape; beach wedding? How about seaside post cards? If you are going for a contemporary black and white themed wedding send out black and white photo invites of the two of you. Start as you mean to go on and give your guests a taste of what your special day will be all about.

Spring to it

Spring brings new life and new beginnings; it is a season associated with birth and life which makes this a beautiful time to get married. Spring colour themes can be subtle pastels and floral shades. Think daffodils, tulips and primroses and add to this with butterflies and dragonflies to get the perfect spring theme. Why not serve up roast lamb and decorate the tables with decorated eggs and pretty feathers?

Summer loving

Summer is the most popular time to get married, which brings no surprise, as it allows for outdoor weddings. There is an abundance of flowers to choose from at this time of year and colours can be soft or vibrant. Take advantage of the good weather and plan outdoor activities like croquet, enjoy gardens in full bloom or warm sea breezes. Choose a venue with lots of outside space, but if the weather is not always dependable make sure you have somewhere to take shelter. Summer is great for vintage picnics or beach side shacks, art deco glamour or the hot nights of the orient.

All the leaves are brown…

…(but hopefully the sky isn’t grey!) Autumn or Fall is a great time to get married with is mix of beautiful natural colours and crisp days. Pick golds, rich reds and browns for your colour scheme and add beautiful leaves to the table decorations and even your bouquet. Pick a wedding venue with plenty of trees, ideally somewhere with a long tree lined drive way for maximum impact. You can even bring a Halloween or bonfire theme to your day. Serve up toffee apples or choose a gothic mansion for your wedding venue.

Winter wonderland

Winter is a romantic time to get married, especially in the snow. Go for a Christmas theme for your wedding with classic candles and holly sprigs, or you can opt for the full on Christmas feel with trees, baubles and fairy lights. Reds and greens are great colours to use, but if you want something a little more subtle then use ivory with glimmers of crystals and pearls. Candle light creates a much warmer and more flattering light than the bright sun of summer, meaning you can go for a softer feel. Or for a wedding on the other side of winter then what could be more romantic than marrying on Valentine’s day?

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