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Ask a Wedding Expert

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Beauty Expert


Q Do you recommend using a primer with a tinted moisturiser?

A Yes I would. A primer helps to smooth out and even skin, giving you a better base for make-up application.

Fashion Expert


Q I'm getting married this year, and my mother is in a dilemma over her outfit as she really hates hats (and has a large head). Any ideas?

A To be honest, I'm not much of a hat fan myself, so I understand how she feels! Tell your mother she doesn't have to wear anything on her head - as long as she looks gorgeous in an appropriate outfit with beautifully done hair, she'll look absolutely fine.

Planning Expert


Q How much time should I allow for the wedding breakfast when working out what time to invite my evening guests?

A I generally work on around 2.5 hours for the wedding breakfast, including 3 short-ish speeches. If you have fewer or more speeches you may want to adjust the time allowed. Equally if you have a very small number of guests or a very high number you will want to take that into account. It is always important to run your timings past your caterer to ensure that they are comfortable with your calculations. Ask them to highlight any concerns to you immediately so that you can respond to them.